Sound Design

When it comes to sound design we’re more than capable of covering all your needs. Everything from custom tailored complex sounds for your game to Vocal Production (in one or multiple languages). If you need retro 8-bit sounds and/or help with implementing and mixing the in-game audio, we do that as well and so much more!


Music Production

Music is incredibly important. It instantly sets the tone and should help to bring out the right feelings and strengthen the story you want to tell your audience. No matter if you need huge orchestral arrangements, minimalistic acoustic performances, electronic sci-fi themes, smooth jazz or anything in between our outside.. whatever you need, we will deliver. 


Audio Consulting

Are you in a situation where you have most of your sounds already done, but you can’t get them sound good (or sound at all) in your project? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you sort out your problems!


Game Trailer Editing

Have you created the best game ever, but don’t have a good trailer that shows how awesome it is? Why not let us help you out with that? We’ll create your trailer for you, and can also create original music for it if needed. First impressions last, and the trailer is often what people see first.


Media Distribution

The right distribution channels amplify your reach. Regardless if it’s about music distribution, content/media distribution or influenser reach, we have the tools and knowledge to help you out!